Everyone always wants cheat codes for candy crush saga. Here is the main one that we kept coming across.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats – Getting Free Lives

The trick involves getting the game to think it’s a different time than it actually is. If you’re on an iPhone, just go into “Settings,” then “General,” scroll down and click “Date & Time.” Make sure “Set Automatically” is turned off and change the time to a few hours in the future. Then go back to Candy Crush and enjoy your new lives.

Without the cheat, you have to wait 30 minutes, awkwardly beg friends for lives on Facebook or pay $0.99 in order to get a new life in Candy Crush. But with it, all you have to do is change the time on your phone a few hours into the future and you’ll have all your lives restored.

When you go to set your clock back, set it exactly 1 day into the future and then change it 1 day back. Y0u wont lose your lives.

 Cheats are enticing however we recommend our Video guides instead.

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Cheat Codes for Candy Crush Caga