So who are some of the colorful cast of characters that you will meet along the way? Well there are 2 primary characters…

Meet Tiffi:

candy crush Saga tiffiTiffi aka Toffette – she is the primary character in the game. She is a cute blonde girl with pigtails. You will meet her in the first episode called Candy Town. She will be there to walk you through the tutorials & will introduce the Jelly Levels. She travels around the game map, and helps others with their problems. After level 215 called Sweet Surprise, Mr. Toffee & the Easter Bunny will solve “Tiffi’s Problem”. In Savory Shores, she encounters her underwater twin.

Meet Mr. Toffee:

candy crush Saga Mr ToffeeMr. Toffee is a tall man with orange hair. He will help you when you first start playing Candy Crush Saga. He will walk you through the tutorial and introduce things like the “Target Score Levels” and powerup tip.