The Candy Crush Saga Guide to Success

The Candy Crush Saga Guide to Success

Candy Crush Saga isn’t your usual match-3 puzzle game. It is a thinking player’s game. While the goal is very similar to other gem-matching games, it compels players to think before they start destroying delicious candies.

Objectives vary from one level to another. Some task players to score X points in 20 to 30 moves, whereas others have to be completed by removing blank spaces filled with jellies. It’s all about matching the right candies to complete objectives, along with scoring points and ranking in online leaderboard.

The first few levels are easy to play, but players may find levels 35 and beyond quite challenging. Here is your Candy Crush Saga Guide to help you complete difficult levels in Candy Crush Saga:

Candy Crush Saga GuideTips to Complete Levels | Candy Crush Saga Guide

1. Always keep a mental note of all possible matches before you start matching candies. This way, you will be quicker in completing objectives. Remember there isn’t any time limit, only move limit.

2. If you don’t play for a few seconds, the game will automatically provide a hint. You will see some candies flashing, showing a potential match. However, in objectives that task you to remove all jellies or bring down some ingredients at the bottom of the board, it would be wise not to use the hint system as it shows random potential matches. You won’t be able to complete objectives solely with the use of hints. You will have to use your brains to get the right matches.

3. In levels that task you to remove all jellies, target those candies that are covered with jellies or are close to the jelly filled candy. This way you will be able to remove most jelly filled spaces in a few moves.

4. Like other Saga games, this game also has plenty of boosters. These “power-ups” help you achieve your objectives much quicker. There are different types of boosters, such as Extra Moves, Jelly Fish and Lollipop Hammer. Once you unlock any of them, they will be shown at the top-right corner of the screen. You will have to click on any one of the unlocked boosters before starting a level.

5. At the start of play, you will have all five lives with you. If your Facebook friends send lives, don’t click on the accept button, just close the window. When you lose one, click on the envelope icon at the top-left corner of the screen and accept it. The envelope icon appears when you are in the map mode.

How to Create Special Candies | Candy Crush Saga Guide

Always take advantage of special candies. There are 4 special candies that can be created by matching more than 3 normal candies:

1. To get a special striped candy, you will have to match 4 candies of the same color. After getting this special candy, match it with another candies of the same color. For example, if the stripe candy is pinkish in color, then match it with normal candies that are similar in color. The result will be a line blast that will remove all candies in the same line, horizontally or vertically.

2. An L-shaped or a T-shaped candy match earns you a special candy wrapped in plastic. You will need to match candies in an L or T pattern. After getting the special candy, match it with the candies of the same color destroy a set of candies in one move. This can be very helpful in those levels that require removing stubborn jelly filled spaces.

3. You can also match 5 candies to get a big chocolate ball that has small circular candies stuck on its surface. After creating one, combine this special candy with a normal candy of any color to remove all candies of that color. The strategy here is to check which colored candy is more in numbers. You can then mix a normal candy of that color with the chocolate ball to remove them all.


How to Make Special Combos | Candy Crush Saga Guide

Creating special candies is one of the best ways to solve tricky levels, but did you know that you can combine two special candies to create marvelous special effects and remove maximum candies from the game board? Here’s how to create those yummy game-changers:

Combine two special striped candies to trigger a double line blast. Both striped candies get activated, creating a row and column blast for each of them.
Swap special striped candy with the plastic-wrapped candy bomb to create a cross-shaped blast. The special combo can easily destroy 3 rows and 3 columns.
Combine the chocolate ball special candy with the striped candy to create multiple striped candies. Then, wait and watch all striped candies detonate one by one.
A dream combo for a player, but not easy to create – swap one chocolate ball with the other to destroy all candies on the game board.
Swapping the plastic-wrapped special bomb with the chocolate ball will trigger the latter and then a random candy will be selected to destroy candies of the same color.
Another combo every player would love to activate on their boards – combining two wrapped candies will destroy max number of candies on the game board.

Level 66 Hints | Candy Crush Saga Guide

In this level, the objective is to earn 40,000 points and bring down at least 2 cherries and 2 acorns to the bottom of the game screen. You will need to match candies to your right and this will trigger candies and the required ingredients on the left screen to come down and disappear into 4 portals at the bottom of the game screen.

Best strategy is to create vertical striped candies by matching 4 standard candies to your right and then use it to trigger vertical line blasts to quickly bring down cherries and acorns. Don’t worry about the score objective as bringing cherries and acorns will fetch you 40000 points as each special ingredient is worth 10000 points.

Trick to Get Unlimited Lives | Candy Crush Saga Guide

Losing those precious 5 lives can be frustrating. You will need to wait for 20 odd minutes before you get another set of lives. 20 Minutes! That’s like 50 years for a Candy Crush Saga fan. He/she won’t have the patience to wait for another few minutes to get their lives refilled. Well, here’s a trick to get back those lives. Note: This trick works only on the mobile app.

1. When you run out of lives, close the game app and access the mobile device’s date and time section in the settings menu.

2. Turn off the option that automatically updates your device’s date and time. Set the date and time manually by selecting a date ahead of the current date/time. For example: It’s 13 June, so manually set it to 14 June.

3. Close the settings and open the game app. You will see the countdown timer has disappeared and all 5 lives restored. No! Don’t start the game yet. Close the app.

4. Go back to the date and time settings and turn on auto date/time option. It will switch back to today’s date/time.

5. Now open the game app and start playing with all lives reset. Also, there won’t be any incorrect warnings.

Do you have any tips and hints to solve those frustratingly difficult levels? Use the comment form below to share your own unique combos and cheats.

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Expansion | Candy Crush Saga Guide

The latest expansion offers a totally new way to try out previously played Candy Crush Saga levels. This isn’t another update, but a totally new experience, complete with 65 challenging levels and a cute owl called Odus. You can play these levels once you have completed level 50.

Gameplay Rules: While matching candies, you will have to make sure Odus does not fall from the moon scale; else you will have to replay the level. To maintain the balance, avoid clearing too many candies of one color. The moon scale is balanced by two candy colors and you will need to maintain the balance and avoid making the scale tilt to one side.

While matching candies, make sure you keep track of the Moon Scale, which monitors your moves. When you strike the right balance, two colors will be removed from the board. If you keep on matching candies of one color that keeps the moon scale balanced, then the scale will lean heavily to that side and will lose balance. So you will need to match both colors to keep it roughly balanced. A balanced moon scale may trigger “Moon Struck” power that has the ability of one or two colors on the game board.

The Candy Crush Guide to Success



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