Level 165

Candy Crush Saga Guide – Level 165

Candy Crush Saga Guide Level 165

Watch our Level 165 online video tutorials on how to crush the candy. Collect all the orders (99 Blue, 49 Yellow, 24 Green) and reach 50,000 points in 60 moves.

Slowly work through the chocolate in the middle of the board while keeping an eye on the 7 move bombs and focus on the blue pieces, you need the most of them and sometimes if you make a color bomb, just hit a blue piece with it to gather all the blue pieces off the board in one shot to help you out. Remember you have chocolate fans in all 4 corners pushing at you.

A helpful walkthrough video and a few tips for Candy Crush Level 165

1 star: 50000 points
2 stars: 80000 points
3 stars: 120000 points

Candy Crush Saga Guide – Level 165



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